Return shipping included

Consignment terms and conditions


You can rent out your own wardrobe through Mini Wardrobe without any of the headaches of shipping, dry-cleaning or managing bookings. 

The items you own that you decide to rent out through Mini Wardrobe look like normal MW Rentals on the website. 

The difference is that you (the owner of the item) receive 50% of the rental price each time it’s booked minus any dry cleaning fees. When consigning your item to us we take a $10 initial fee for admin such as listing the dress, finding suitable photos and description, looking over the initial condition of the garment as well as marketing. 

We've been running Mini Wardrobe Rentals for almost 4 years now and the number of items that have been damaged or lost is very very few. However, there's always a risk that this could happen so please consider this when consigning an item to us.

Should your item be damaged the renter will be contacted to cover costs of repair. However if they are not cooperative or not contactable Mini Wardrobe will unfortunately not be liable to cover repair costs. If the item is not repairable, or if the item is lost or stolen, we’ll do everything we can to get reimbursement from the renter to pay you a fair market value for the item, as calculated by us using our knowledge of the rental and resale market. This calculated value will take into account the purchase price of the item, its age, estimated resale value, and how many rentals it has had. On the rare occasion we aren't able to recoup the replacement cost from the renter we are not able to cover this. 

Please note that we do not take responsibility for fair wear and tear, as this is to be expected over time. 

While you of course always own your items; when you consign any item to us, we ask that you leave it with us for at least 2 months so we can market it sufficiently for it to begin to get bookings. We will of course review special circumstances, but this gives us a fair chance to make a great return for you. Any shorter period of time, unfortunately, makes it difficult to achieve this.

If you wish to wear your item please get in contact with us with at least 2 weeks notice. The item can be shipped back to you provided shipping and cleaning costs are covered/arranged by you. 

We reserve the right to return any item at any time that we deem unsuitable for continuing to offer for rent. This could be due to the garment condition, low popularity or any other reason.

Payments of your rental commission will be made after each wear of a rental to a nominated bank account. If an item is returned unworn e.g. postal try on then you won't be paid. All payments are made within 10 business days of the item being worn but usually much sooner.