Return shipping included

Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement 


Cancellations will not result in a refund of your rental fee. This includes garments that do not fit, we are happy to send photos and measurements but once the dress is sent out we do not offer refunds. Only a bond (if paid) & the shipping fee (if the item was cancelled before it was shipped) will be returned.

Refunds are offered in the case where an item is received damaged & or stained and we are notified immediately. Items must be sent back immediately and remain unworn for your event. Choosing to wear an item to your event means you accept the item in this condition. 

In the case of lockdowns due to COVID-19, there will be store credits issued, unfortunately refunds will not be issued. Store credits are valid for 365 days. 


We charge a $30 bond for some of our garments, for example white ball gowns. This bond is completely refundable upon return of the item in the sent condition.


You agree to treat your rental item(s) with care so that unnecessary damage does not occur. If the Garment fails to be returned or is damaged/ damaged beyond use you will be held accountable and required to pay for loss, destruction or damage to the goods.

This may be due to theft, fire, stains, pulls, tears major stains, disappearance, or any other occurrences that may result in the product being unusable, based on our rental standards. You are required to pay compensation in order to replace or repair the damage the item to original condition suitable for renting.

We Mini Wardrobe Rentals can provide receipt of purchase to show the value of the item as to determine suitable compensation from you the renter.

By renting you hereby authorise Mini Wardrobe Rentals to charge the full price retail value + any import taxes for the rented garment, if any of the listed above damages or thefts occur.

In regards to theft, you will be charged and invoiced these costs when the item is 7 days late from your stated rental end date. If you the renter fails to pay these charges you authorise Mini Wardrobe Rentals to seek the described amendments (for example but not limited to, the full purchase price of an item). Methods can include debt collection agencies, at the renters cost.

The applicable costs will be determined fairly at the discretion of Mini Wardrobe Rentals based upon: A reasonable inspection of the item, its ability to be rented again, the degree of damage to the item, how much it will cost to repair/ clean and future rental loss. 

Mini Wardrobe Rentals also reserves the legal right to take all steps necessary to receive the required compensation or fees required by breaking these terms & conditions outlined in this rental agreement. Such as legal action.

Return shipping/Late fees

If the garment is not sent back to us or received (dropped off) by the agreed time, we require a $25 late fee per days late, past your agreed rental end date. By renting, you are agreeing to pay this $25 fee if these circumstances arise. You will be emailed/texted on the 1st or 2nd day your item is late past the agreed return date. The end of your rental period is stated upon your confirmation email.

Due to the postal system being closed on weekends. Rentals over weekends, must be sent back by the following Monday. Please hand the parcel directly to staff at nzpost. Do not post back in standard red post boxes as the parcels will not be scanned and may get lost and you will be required to cover the replacement cost. Should the parcel be lost due to failure to hand the parcel to nzpost staff to be scanned, the renter will be liable for replacement costs of the garment. 

If you return an item late and due to this another rental has to be cancelled you are required to pay compensation to half the value of the rental that has had to be cancelled.

This is strict, as we have other customers depending on getting their item in time.